My ethics application has been officially submitted as of today! Complete with participant (parent and children) information sheets, confidentiality form, recruitment poster and consent forms. PHEW very glad to have that submitted and now can focus on my other papers which have been kind of neglected while I have been prioritising these applications! I found some awesome resources along the way though – particularly the website by the McMaster University which has all sorts of exemplars ranging from consent for audio-recording to transcription confidentiality agreements. My university has some of these too – which I found out later. 

This coming week I am:

– Submitting my research proposal

– Uploading my Hermeneutics contribution in our online discussion forum

– Starting my literature review in preparation for my dissertation

– Attending yoga! 

– Possibly working at a Wedding Expo on Sunday (PHEW).


What is everyone else up to this week in our busy lives??

Would love to hear from you 🙂 


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